Pre-Settlement Inspections

Don’t settle on your property without a pre-settlement inspection report​

Don’t settle on your property without a pre-settlement inspection report​

A pre-settlement inspection is your assurance that the property you are buying is exactly as you expect. The report identifies any defects or incomplete work so you are aware of the condition of the property before handover.


Why you need a pre-settlement inspection​

Don’t make the mistake of assuming the property you are buying will be in the same condition on move-in day as it was when you first inspected it some weeks or even months prior to exchanging contracts. And if you’ve purchased an apartment ‘off the plan’, you may not have had the opportunity to inspect the property at all. That is why a pre-settlement inspection is regarded as a peace of mind inspection for buyers, to ensure you are receiving what you paid for.

Call the professionals because experience counts

While you could walk through and inspect the property yourself, would you really know what to look out for beyond the surface?

Our pre-settlement inspections are carried by licensed builders with an eye for detail and the ability to determine if a property meets Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

We thoroughly inspect the property for any defective or incomplete work. This list of repairs can be used to re-negotiate the sale price before you settle.

About our inspection reports

Our building reports are a comprehensive summary of the condition of a property following a thorough visual investigation of the interior, exterior and roof space. Each report contains details of significant defects and is backed by photographic evidence.

We use the latest technology to detect defects not clearly visible to the naked eye. Our thermal imaging camera uses highly efficient radar technology to reliably discover the presence of pest activity, including termites, through almost any building material. It also identifies the presence of moisture – another indication of termite activity or potential water issues.

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