Swimming Pool Barrier Inspections

Have your swimming pool barrier inspected to keep children safe

Have your swimming pool barrier inspected to keep children safe

If you own a swimming pool and you are looking to sell or lease your home, book a swimming pool barrier inspection to include in your sale contract or tenancy agreement as proof that your property complies with NSW government legislation.


Don’t sell or lease your home without a swimming pool certificate of compliance

As registered swimming pool inspectors, we are certified to inspect swimming pool barriers to ensure they comply with pool safety laws before issuing a certificate of compliance. The certificate is required by law before a property can be sold or leased.

We can issue a certificate of compliance (if a swimming pool meets the requirements set in the Swimming Pools Act or Australian Standards, depending on the age of the pool) or a certificate of non-compliance which notifies the purchaser of the property of the need to rectify the defects listed.

Don’t wait to sell your home before checking your pool barrier is safe

Swimming pool barrier inspections were made mandatory in 2016 for home owners looking to sell or lease their property. However, every pool owner has a duty of care to ensure their swimming pool is safe and compliant, regardless of their intention to sell or not.

Drowning in swimming pools is a significant cause of preventable death in children under the age of five years. Don’t delay until you plan to sell or lease your home to discover if your pool barrier is compliant. Have your safety barrier regularly checked and maintained.

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