Expert building consultancy and building defect reports

We’re the experienced building consultants with the expertise to handle all building inspections and investigate claims of defective, incomplete and non-compliant building work. We work with lawyers, developers, builders, strata managers, and building managers and strata plans to equip them with the expert evidence they need to settle a building claim.

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Strata Defect Inspections - Service - City Building Consultants

Strata Defect Inspections

Defect inspection reports for strata corporations and developers. Find out more +

Strata Building Bond Inspections

Mandatory defect inspection reports in compliance with the Strata Building Bond Inspection Scheme. Find out more +

Pre-Settlement Inspections

Ensure the property you are buying is in the condition it should be in before you settle. Find out more +

Project Management

We can manage your construction project and offer the best solutions for a seamless handover. Find out more +

Pre-Purchase Building & Timber Pest Inspection

Expose a property’s shortcomings from defects to pest damage before you commit to buying. Find out more +

Dilapidation Surveys
Commercial and Residential

Assess the condition of a property before construction work begins. Find out more +

Swimming Pool Barrier Inspections

Ensure your swimming pool barrier is safe and compliant. Find out more +

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We provide premium building consultancy services. Book an Inspection Today +

Four good reasons to choose CBC



We have real world experience in construction and, as licensed builders, we’re qualified to identify building defects.


We’re committed to inspecting every property thoroughly and to discussing our findings with you.


We act independently but we put your needs first. Our proactive advice can help you make the right financial decisions.


We stay up to date with the latest legislation and keep abreast of changing standards to achieve favourable outcomes.
Specialist advice you shouldn’t ignore - City Building Consultants

Specialist advice you shouldn’t ignore

If you’re a prospective buyer, it is important you are well informed of the risks associated with the property you are about to financially commit to. Too many people have been caught out paying for thousands of dollars in repairs on a property they discovered too late was harbouring hidden defects.

That is why City Building Consultants (CBC NSW) came into being. We want people who are buying or selling a home to be able to proceed with confidence and peace of mind. That is the power of building inspections – they can save you from a costly predicament.

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Our Portfolio

The technology that helps to uncover what you can’t see

We are equipped with the latest technology to detect defects not clearly visible to the naked eye. Our thermal imaging camera uses highly efficient radar technology to reliably discover the presence of pest activity, including termites, through almost any building material. It also identifies the presence of moisture – another indication of termite activity or potential water issues.

Our building reports are a comprehensive summary of the condition of a property following a thorough visual investigation of the interior, exterior and roof space. Each report contains details of significant defects and is backed by photographic evidence.

Our Affiliations and Professional Associations

We share strong partnerships with our affiliates who help us build our industry knowledge. We are also members of peak bodies and industry professional associations so we can continue to deliver quality building inspection services.

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