Strata Building Bond Inspections

strata building bond and inspection scheme

Mandatory strata building inspections for builders and developers

Developers and builders must lodge a building bond with NSW Fair Trading that is equal to two percent of contract value for building works on strata properties that are four or more storeys. The funds are used to pay for rectifying defective works identified in a final inspection report.


Strata Building Bond & Inspection Scheme inspections

We act as independent inspectors on behalf of developers to complete mandatory defect inspection reports under the Strata Building Bond & Inspection Scheme (SBBIS). Under the scheme, developers are required to pay NSW Fair Trading a building bond that is equal to 2% of the cost of the development. This money is set aside to fund the cost of defect repairs.

Our defective building work inspections are carried out at two stages of the development – an interim inspection between 15-18 months after an occupation certificate has been issued, and a final inspection up to two years after the issue of the occupation certificate.

About our inspection reports

Our building reports are a comprehensive summary of the condition of a property following a thorough visual investigation of the interior, exterior and roof space. Each report contains details of significant defects and is backed by photographic evidence.

We use the latest technology to detect defects not clearly visible to the naked eye. Our thermal imaging camera uses highly efficient radar technology to reliably discover the presence of pest activity, including termites, through almost any building material. It also identifies the presence of moisture – another indication of termite activity or potential water issues.

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