Strata Defect Inspections

Know the condition of your unit before you buy with a strata defect inspection

Know the condition of your unit before you buy with a strata defect inspection

Whether you are a property owner or an investor, construction defects in strata plans can have an enormous financial and emotional impact. Our strata defect inspections report everything from superficial cracking to major structural faults. They are suitable for litigation purposes or to negotiate with the builder or developer in order to have defects rectified.


Defect inspections for strata managers and owners corporations​

Under NSW building law, owners’ corporations have a limited period in which to identify failings in and around a strata complex. The statutory warranty is limited to two years for general defects and six years for structural defects. That is the time period in which a defect inspection can be commissioned.

We can inspect every unit and common areas to complete a detailed report that identifies any defects according to the Australian Standards, and our reports are backed by photographic evidence.

The report can be presented to the property developer or builder to negotiate rectifying the issues identified.

About our inspection reports

Our building reports are a comprehensive summary of the condition of a property following a thorough visual investigation of the interior, exterior and roof space. Each report contains details of significant defects and is backed by photographic evidence.

We use the latest technology to detect defects not clearly visible to the naked eye. Our thermal imaging camera uses highly efficient radar technology to reliably discover the presence of pest activity, including termites, through almost any building material. It also identifies the presence of moisture – another indication of termite activity or potential water issues.

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